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Owlsworth roofing specialise in single ply roofing. Single ply is modern, lightweight and extremely versatile and is used on flat roofs, low pitched roofs and barrel vaulted roofs. Single ply is widely used to replicate traditional standing seam, copper or lead roofs, particularly where traditional metal roof coverings are vulnerable to theft
Essentially a finished roof comprises of sheets of polymer based membrane hot air welded together to form a continuous sheet across the entire roof surface where the laps are molecularly fused to create a faultless join – there is no reliance on solvent joints, glued seams or laps stuck in bitumen.
Single ply’s unique flexibility, the strength of its factory manufactured membrane and flame free installation combine to create an unbeatable roofing solution
Single ply systems offer a range of benefits which make them suitable for virtually any application from the smallest domestic refurbishment to the largest new build project. They offer significant advantages over more traditional systems including:- 

  • Versatile detailing
  • Speed of application
  • Flame free - no hot works required
  • Clean and lightweight
  • Durable—life expectancy in excess of 35 years 
  • Suitable for ballasted, paved, green and bio diverse roof areas

There are several single ply systems available and Owlsworth Roofing are proud to partner with Sarnafil who are widely recognised as the market leader and are responsible for many of the recent innovations in roofing technology.