Beddington Park Primary School 2
Borehamwood green roof

Green, Brown and Bio Diverse Roof systems are becoming ever more popular with Ecological issues and Environmental responsibility high on the agenda. Owlsworth Roofing have experience in all aspects of this new and exciting area of the construction industry and understand the complex sequencing and installation that is required to achieve a watertight living roof!

The utilisation of otherwise redundant roof space plays a part, however importantly these green and brown roof systems can:-

  • Help with rainwater attenuation during periods of heavy rain
  • Provide new habitats for local wildlife helping to maintain bio-diversity
  • Increase roof life
  • Create a visually stunning effect

We work closely with system manufacturers, landscape gardeners, horticulturalists, architects and building owners to ensure that the finished roof embodies all the qualities that were first envisaged.
 Whether it is:-

  • “Intensive” green roofs to provide a true roof garden encompassing trees and specially selected plants
  • “Extensive” green roofs to provide a cost efficient roof covering requiring minimal maintenance
  • ‘Bio diverse Systems’ designed to contribute towards a balanced maintenance of local flora and fauna

Owlsworth Roofing can provide the solution